Isola Maggiore

Isola Maggiore is the only one of the three islands in the lake to still be modestly inhabited. The other two islands are Polvese, recently declared a scientific park for didactic purposes, and Minore, privately owned.

The village on Isola Maggiore still has the same appearance as it did in the fifteenth century when it was created by fishermen. Every year it is the destination for thousands of visitors in search of natural and uncontaminated places. The restaurant is named after one of the steam boats in the first fleet from 1901 owned by the Guglielmi family, also owners of Castello Isabella. In 1933 Queen Elena, a guest of the noble family, was transported on the Oso ferry boat, the first passenger boat to sail on Lake Trasimeno.

In the evening, when the ferry boats are no longer running, the restaurant owners guarantee the trip back in a private boat.