L'Oso Restaurant

The restaurant l'Oso is nestled in the heart of a charming village on Isola Maggiore, located in the center of the picturesque Lake Trasimeno. With its gardens facing west, it provides a unique culinary experience, allowing guests to savor local delicacies while surrounded by breathtaking sunsets and picturesque views. A magical place where the beauty of the landscape harmoniously blends with gastronomic excellence.


The restaurant l'Oso is exclusively family-run, with the owners personally dedicated to the kitchen, featuring dishes based on lake fish, local products such as mushrooms, truffles, and regional specialties, all accompanied by a wide selection of wines. Reservations are available for dinners, ceremonies, or events, with the opportunity to enjoy the dishes on the terrace and in the spacious garden overlooking the lake.

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Isola Maggiore

Isola Maggiore still maintains the appearance of the fifteenth-century village created by fishermen. Every year, it attracts thousands of visitors in search of historical, natural, and unspoiled places. The restaurant takes its name from one of the steamboats of the Guglielmi family's first fleet in 1901, who are also the owners of Castello Isabella. On the Oso boat, in 1933, Queen Elena was transported as a guest of the noble family to the magnificent Castello Guglielmi, which dominates the island.

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